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Sheet clean machine JPCM3
Clean Roller Roller
Adheresive Rolle SCFAR
Three-stage total length of rail & H-beam rail total extension slides
Short Range Static Elimination 1250-S
Short Range Static Elimination 3014 24VDC Ionising Bar
高效能直流離子風扇 Ionised Air Blower
Non Contact Web Cleaner KELVA-BR41
Non Contact Web Cleaner KELVA-HS85




Founded in August 1996.
The brands sold as agents are various types of dust removal equipment from KELVA, Sweden,
British FRASER anti-static products,French CHAMBRELAN high-load heavy-duty slide,

In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, we have set up a professional design team to produce all kinds of customized equipment for the production line. Our design team has received professional education and training from foreign original factories, and is stable and focused on effects. The principle is to provide customers with Taiwan-made prices and imported quality.



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