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Product Name
Sheet clean machine
Product Specification

1. three-color LED warning lights
2. transparent acrylic windows, stainless steel housing
3. Taiwan's design and manufacturing, raw material conform to the body using clean room specification
4. full-featured models equipped with HMI + PLC, can be closed or open their own special features, aspects, clients use
5. high strength support tripod, pulley, convenient equipment, utilization
6. small size, easy installation and connection lines, fast
7. external pull-dust rubber wheel, quick and easy maintenance

1. up and down three-sided clean design, structural stability and durability
2. motherboard type structure, high accuracy, with different efficiency motors with different power, high efficiency and high strength rail gear combinations
3. the whole machine with high-quality pneumatic components, pneumatic cylinder
4. the British imported rubber cement dust wheel (Rubble roller) can pick up small 1micron the natural fall dry dust
5. universal head tray, easy to replace cleaning tape volumes (1000mm following models)


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