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Product Name
Reel to Reel Clean Machine
Product Specification

1. This machine combines cleaning, and loader/unloader, which fully meets the current customer's automation needs

2. The whole machine adopts aluminum extrusion and stainless steel as the main body. The aluminum alloy has been surface treated, which fully meets the requirements of clean rooms.

3. Customized equipment according to customer requirements to meet all customer requirements for process

4. All controls of this machine adopt PLC programmable control and HMI operation module

5. The retractable board can be planned according to the customer's material type to facilitate the customer's process planning.

6. Special specifications can be made according to customers' special requirements for film characteristics or film

7. Cleaning roller adopts high-quality roller to pick up partcle of 1micron

8. There are many features in the mechanical design for the configuration on the provincial film and the frame film








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