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Specialize in automation parts/wire processing/OEM connector and cable assembly manufacturer

The brands sold by our company include various types of dust removal equipment from Kelva in Sweden, FRASER anti-static products from the United Kingdom, and Chambrelan high-load heavy-duty slides from France:

  1. Various types of panel dust removal equipment in Kelva, Sweden. Suitable for all kinds of flat materials, no matter what your needs are roll, sheet, contact, non-contact, or highly sensitive materials, we can match you with the most suitable equipment (http://kelva.com/ ).

  2. Fraser high-quality anti-static series (http://www.fraser-antistatic.co.uk).

  3. French Chambrelan high-load heavy-duty slide (http://www.chambrelan.co.uk).

  4. Taiwan-made Roller to Roller cleaning head & chip cleaning equipment.

  5. Sales of special consumables for clean rooms (cleaning tape rolls, PE floor mopping, PAD sticky paper, etc.).

  6. Various dust removal rollers & manual dust removal wheels.

  7. Taiwan-made professional equipment; in order to meet the diversified needs of the current market, we have set up a professional design team to tailor your production line to your needs according to your needs. Our design team has been The professional education and training of the original factory, based on the principle of stability and focus on results, will give you the price of Taiwanese and the quality of imports.


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